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Latest News:

[The following news and commentary is posted with the most recent news at top, followed by older news.  Latest News is written by Lynnita Brown.]

Welcome to the 106th life member of the Korean War Educator--Edward J. Creighton of New York.  Eddie is the son of Korean War veteran Brendan Creighton, a member of Company C, 8th Cavalry Regiment.  Half of the $100 membership fee will be added to the KWE's Endowment Fund and half will be added to the KWE's General Operating Fund.  We thank him for his support and kind words.  Eddie is trying to find out what battle campaign or theatre of operations his father was involved in during the Korean War. [Posted 1/12/2021]


Once again the generous Sheila Kronenberger of Illinois has helped the KWE close out its 2020 year by donating $500 to our foundation.  All of the gift was added to the General Operating fund of the KWE.  We will go into the new year with funds to help this website continue to grow and honor Korean War veterans.  Sheila is the widow of Korean War veteran John Kronenberger, also a good friend of the KWE.  Thank you, Sheila! [Posted 12/11/2020]


Thank you so much to life member Jerome "Bonkers" Bonkowski of Illinois for his donation of $100.00 to the KWE.  The website's General Operating Fund is very, very low, so this gift will be put to good use.  This special Korean War veteran has made several donations to the KWE and we are always, always grateful to him for helping us to continue our educational efforts.  [Posted 11/21/2020]


Repeat visitors might want to know that summers for me are very busy due to the fact that I own and operate a collectibles shop in my small Illinois town.  This is true for the summer of 2020, too.  But I'm still here, and the KWE is still here, too.  Just have patience with me and I'll be back to working longer hours on the Korean War Educator.  (When winter comes, I hole-up out of the cold!) [Posted 9/18/2020]


I'm back online now and continuing on to make the KWE a substantial educational resource for those wanting to know more about the Korean War.  Thanks for waiting for my return. [Posted 7/15/2020]


My computer is doing crazy things so it's off to the repair shop tomorrow.  I'll be off line for a few days, but I'll be back! [Posted 7/05/2020]


The Korean War Educator is pleased to welcome three new members to our foundation.  All daughters of Navy corpsman Joseph H. Connor (who received a Silver Star for his support of the Marines in Korea in 1953), they are: Kathleen M. Connor of New York, Marilyn S. Connor of New York, and Nancy Connor Kotarski of Kentucky.  A tribute to their father is in the works and will soon be available for public viewing.  Thanks to all three of these women for joining our efforts to spread the word about the Korean War and its veterans. [Posted 6/28/2020]


My Korean War veteran husband spent this afternoon in a hospital procedure room dealing with dialysis issues.  It was not the greatest way to mark the 70th anniversary of the start of the Korean War.  Nevertheless, as the founder of the Korean War Educator, I want all Korean War veterans and their families to know that I am thinking of you today and every day.  God bless each and every one of you. - Lynnita [Posted 6/25/2020]


Going through a great many (many!) e-mails, I discovered a $100 Paypal gift to the KWE from Gary Morgan of Minnesota.  His donation came in on May 13.  Thank you to this repeat-giver who has supported the Korean War Educator on multiple occasions.  I'm sorry for the delay in seeing the notification.  [Posted 6/01/2020]


Over the last few weeks I have been working on a difficult, but much-needed new Topics page--B-26s in the Korean War.  I work on the page every night.  In recent days I slowed that work down to add death notices about Korean War veterans who have died of coronavirus.  If our readers know of any such veteran death, please notify me. [Posted 5/13/2020]


Our thanks to Fred Fernandez of California for his $25.00 membership in the Korean War Educator.  We don't have many members anymore, so his contribution is special to us. [Posted 4/25/2020]


The KWE is grateful to Irving Scott of Arizona for sending the foundation $100.00.  The money is truly needed.  Thanks, Irving! You are the KWE's 106th life member! [Posted 3/12/2020]


The Outpost Harry Survivors Association has sent the KWE a "news flash".  "Forgotten Battles and Units of the Forgotten War" is a Korean War historical seminar hosted by Outpost International, Society of the 3d Infantry Division; the Army Historical Foundation, and the ROK Defense Attaché's Office in Washington, DC. The event will be held in the American Legion Post 176, 6520 Amherst Ave, Springfield, Virginia and the Memorial Amphitheater, Arlington National Cemetery on 16-18 April 2020. [Posted 3/01/2020]


The year 2019 ended for the KWE with a gift of $500 from Sheila Kronenberger of Illinois.  The gift made it possible for the KWE to pay $200 for the renewal of the Foundation's various Internet URLs.  Years ago we purchased all variations of the KWE (such as .org, .net, etc.) in order to keep the integrity of our website secure.  Sheila's check was made out to Lynnita with the understanding that the funds should be used for either the website. the Browns' personal needs, or a combination of both.  Another $200 was used to pay on the Browns' high winter electricity bill.  (No electricity, no computer to operate the KWE!)  Thanks to Sheila for her continued support of not just the KWE, but also Dale and Lynnita.  Dale takes kidney dialysis treatments three hours three days a week.  Lynnita holds three jobs and is Dale's "right-hand woman".  (Actually, Dale's left-handed woman!) [Posted 1/06/2020]


It has come to our attention that quite a lot of Korean War history is being lost needlessly because one particular aspect of the many unique opportunities available to veterans through the Korean War Educator is little known.  The KWE exists to educate the public about the Korean War--at no cost to Korean War veterans.  Here is what is happening that doesn't need to happen:

Individual Korean War veterans and Korean War veteran reunion groups often have small, medium and large websites on the Internet.  Unfortunately, as the veterans age and financial resources to stay online dry up, these informative websites are being pulled off the Internet one by one and the history found on them is being lost forever.

Please spread the word that the Korean War Educator's "Topics" page can absorb these increasingly-disappearing websites at no cost.  All you have to do is turn the text and photographs over to the KWE for permanent posting on the Korean War Educator.  Naturally, a little money to help make the transaction would always be welcome, but it is most certainly not mandatory.  The KWE is a free service to Korean War veterans and always will be--no strings attached.  How does one move a Korean War-related website over to the KWE?  Simple.  Contact Lynnita! [Posted 8/29/2010]


Do you have a short story about Korea?  Send it our way!  We have recently opened a short story section on the KWE's Memoirs page.  Lynnita's e-mail address is lynnita@thekwe.org.  Her U.S. mail is Lynnita Brown, 111 E. Houghton St., Tuscola, IL 61953.  Be sure to include a picture of yourself to go along with the story.  Sending more than one picture is okay, too.  [Posted 2/16/08]

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Newest Additions to the KWE

  • Thanks to DMZ veteran Gary C. Gable, added to the KWE tonight is expanded information on the DMZ - Serious Incidents page. Although the list is incomplete, the second section of this page now includes "Deadly 1968"--a year in which there was increased dangerous enemy activities in the DMZ.  Gary Gable was a member of Company C, 2d Battalion, 23d Infantry, 2d Infantry Division, when one of five patrols came under fire from North Koreans.  He provided his personal account of what happened on April 20, 1968. To add information to this page, contact Lynnita.  [Posted 1/05/2021]

  • The names and obituaries of eleven Korean War veterans who died of Covid this year were added to the KWE this evening.  God bless each and every one of them. [Posted 11/17/2020]

  • Added to the KWE's American Notables page is the late Ralph Patrick Kehoe, a star athlete and member of the University of Vermont Athletic Hall of Fame.  Ralph received both a Silver Star and Bronze Star in the Korean War, but the KWE has not yet located the citations for either award. [Posted 11/04/2020]

  • The Silver Star citation issued to Cpl. William F. Keck was posted on the KWE this evening.  Readers can find it here. Also added is the Bronze Star citation for SFC Alberto R. Santiago, 3ID. [Posted 11/04/2020]

  • Added to the KWE tonight is a new topic - David Sneddon (Where is He Now?).  I hope that KWE readers will check out this disturbing story. [Posted 10/17/2020]

  • Also added to the KWE tonight is a list of DMZ defectors to North Korea. [Posted 10/17/2020]

  • Information about two DMZ casualties was added to the KWE tonight.  Frederick A. Carroll of Paris, Illinois, died in a raft accident on the Imjin River on August 15, 1978.  Former US Air Force pilot Darrell Cornell died in a test flight accident on October 10, 1984 at Suwon. [Posted 10/17/2020]

  • Added to the KWE's USO page tonight are the names of Jess Willard, Eddie Hazelwood, Jimmy Widener, Wanda and Bob Kennedy, Barbara Thompson, Aileen McNeely, Ray Van and Billy Cutler.  These country western performers traveled to the Far East in 1953, entertaining American troops for four and a half months. This addition was made possible by KWE reader Bill Purcell. [Posted 9/21/2020]

  • Thanks to an e-mail from a Canadian reader of the KWE, information about the 2nd Replacement Draft (USMC) was added to the KWE's Replacement Draft Ships Topics page this evening. [Posted 9/18/2020]

  • Information about two Korean War veterans whose life achievements should be recognized on the KWE's American Notables page was added to our website tonight. Read about Charles Tait Walker and Jack T. Gentry there. [Posted 8/15/2020]

  • Added to the KWE tonight is information about Lawrence "Larry" Rathgeb, a Korean War veteran who died of coronavirus.  Rathgeb's obituary now appears on both the KWE's Death Notices page and the American Notables page.  If our readers view the Death Notices Index page, they will see the long list of Korean War  veterans who have died of coronavirus.  Very, very sad. [Posted 8/11/2020]

  • Sgt. Roy Monhollen of Kentucky was the recipient of two Silver Stars while in combat in Korea.  Both citations are new entries on the KWE's Silver Star page. The citations were sent to the KWE by his daughter-in-law, Mary. Courtesy of his niece, the Silver Star citation (posthumous) of Pvt. Lester G. Ivancich was also added to the KWE tonight. [Posted 7/22/2020]

  • The Silver Star citation and a short tribute to Hospital Corpsman Joseph H. Connor of New York is now posted on the KWE courtesy of his family. The entry is located on the mini-memoirs section of the Memoirs Index. [Posted 7/15/2020]

  • Added to the KWE tonight is the name of William Huebner, a 3rd Infantry Division soldier and war correspondent during the Korean War.  Information about Bill can be found on the War Correspondents page of this website. The information was submitted to the KWE by his daughter, Holly Ryan of Connecticut.  Thanks, Holly!  [Posted 6/29/2020]

  • The names of two Korean War correspondents, Robert Vermilion and Robert Pierpoint, were added to the KWE's War Correspondents Topics page tonight.  In addition, the list of Korean War veterans who have died from coronavirus is rapidly growing.  See the Death Notices Index page. [Posted 6/02/2020]

  • Added to the KWE tonight is another American notable that served in the Korean War.  His name is Navy veteran Frederick "Fritz" Koerner, an engineer for Honeywell who worked on war spy planes. [Posted 5/13/2020]

  • Added to the KWE tonight are two Distinguished Flying Cross citations for Capt. Mervyn T. Schuermann (USMC). [Posted 4/17/2020]

  • Russians shot down a B-26 near Anju on May 15, 1952.  Its two crew members remain missing in action.  Information about this crash can be found on the KWE's newest Airplane Crash page. [Posted 4/15/2020]

  • On March 6, 1952, a B-26C with the 8th Bomb Squadron disappeared in Korea.  Its four crew members remain missing in action.  Find out more about this disappearance by reading the KWE's newest Airplane Crash page. [Posted 4/15/2020]

  • Posthumously, Sfc. Harold A. Lloyd received a Bronze Star for meritorious service in the Korean War.  Courtesy of his son and daughter-n-law, Teddy and Sonja Lloyd of Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, his citation is now posted on the KWE. [Posted 4/14/2020]

  • The names of ten African-American notables that served in the Korean War and post-war Korea are now posted on the American Notables page of the KWE.  They are: Julius Wesley Becton Jr., Roscoe Conklin Cartwright, Fred Vann Cherry, James "Chappie" Daniel Jr., Benjamin Oliver Davis Jr., Frank Emmanuel Petersen Jr., Hugh Cranville Robinson, Roscoe Robinson Jr., Bettye Hill Simmons, and Calvin Agustine Hoffman Waller. [Posted 4/13/2020]

  • With the scare about Coronavirus these days, I've been home working on the KWE's newest page.  Appropriately, it provides detailed information about an illness that claimed the lives of hundreds of Korean War veterans in 1951-54 and beyond.  To read about this disease, click on Health Issues - Hemorrhagic Fever. [Posted 4/11/2020]

  • Mosquitoes, lice, mice, and other insects and mammals caused numerous health issues during the Korean War.  The KWE's Health Issues Topics page now includes a report entitled, "Entomological Issues During the Korean War, 1950-1953."  Learn how the government studied these issues and how it tried to mitigate the problem.  Those veterans who suffer from the effects of DDT will find this report another source of evidence. [Posted 4/05/2020]

  • Trucks had a significant role in the Korean War.  Given the nature of the weather and the topography of Korea, there were numerous truck accidents and fatalities.  The KWE opened a new Casualty page today listing eleven truck accident fatalities.  There were most certainly more truck accidents than that during the war, which is why we hope that our readers will help us expand the information located on this page. [Posted 34/03/2020]

  • New to the KWE tonight are the Silver Star citations for Sgt. Ralph McCowan (2ID) and WO Norman H. Ellis (3ID), as well as the Distinguished Flying Cross citation for LtC Felix F. Bertagna (USN).  [Posted 4/02/2020]

  • Added to the KWE this afternoon are the Soldier's Medal citations for the following 3rd Infantry Division soldiers: Harry, Steeves, Earl W. Johnson, John E. Kinchla, Arthur K. Johnson, Milton Fulmore, Frank B. Thompson Jr., Leroy L. Willard, John R. Slade, Colin D. Kain, James S. Franklin, Samuel A. Vance, Phillip F. Darrh, and Leo John Meyer.  Also added are the Soldier's Medal citations for the following 2nd Infantry Division soldiers: Alonz W. Brown, Edward J. McGuire, Arthur K. Roe, Charles E. Deal, Leslie O. Goodwin Jr., Duncombe M. Woodbury, George F. Bammert, Dean L. Paisley, James M. Hiscock, Robert L. Wilmoth, Odie Duke Jr., and Jack E. McFadden. [Posted 4/02/2020]

  • A B-26 disappeared on the night of March 31, 1952 over its target in North Korea.  The three crew members were listed as missing in action and presumed dead.  To read about this airplane crash, visit the KWE's newest Airplane Crashes page. [Posted 3/31/2020]

  • After a typhoon and heavy rains, a flash flood killed 31 men of the 45th Infantry Division as they were crossing a river near Inje.  Some were due to rotate back to the States in just a short time.  Some had been in Korea for less than a month.  Some had seen months of heavy combat.  This flash flood tragedy is the KWE's newest Casualties page. [Posted 3/31/2020]

  • On February 26, 1954, a C-119 struck a roof in Huntingdon, Tennessee and crashed, killing the crew of four.  To read about this tragedy, see the KWE's newest Airplane Crashes page. [Posted 3/28/2020]

  • Yesterday's new page tells about an RB-36 that crashed in Newfoundland.  Today's newest page goes a further, telling our readers about an SB-29 search and rescue plane that went out on the night of March 18, 1953 to find the missing RB-36.  The B-29 crashed into St. George's Bay, and all eleven airmen remain missing to this day. The KWE is still looking for bio information about some of the missing men.  [Posted 3/28/2020]

  • The newest page on the KWE is an airplane crashes topics page that provides information about an RB-36 that got off course and crashed into an 896-foot tall ridge near Nut Grove, Burgoynes Cove, Newfoundland, Canada.  The crash occurred on March 18, 1953, and in it all 23 onboard the plane lost their lives. [Posted 3/27/2020}

  • Two new Airplane Crash pages opened on the KWE tonight.  Both tell the story of C-46's that crashed during the Korean War.  One crash was off the coast of Korea at Kangnung on November 15, 1952.  There were eight survivors and eleven lost souls.  The other was a C-46 that crashed into two other C-46s at Chungju (K-41) Air Base in Korea on January 8, 1951.  Two crew members lost their lives and one survived. [Posted 3/24/2020]

  • The newest material on the KWE is an addition to the Women in Korea page.  It is research about the African-American nurses who served during the Korean War.  This is a little-researched topic and important to the overall understanding of women serving during times of war. [Posted 3/21/2020]

  • The active Korean War was over, but US servicemen were still losing their lives.  On February 1, 1954, a C-46D crashed into the sea near Hokkaido.  All 35 persons onboard lost their lives.  To read more about this crash, read the KWE's newest Topics-Airplane Crashes page. [Posted 3/20/2020] 

  • Thanks to author Daryl C. McClary and HistoryLink.org, the newest addition to the KWE provides details about a B36 crash at Fairchild AFB on March 29, 1954.  [Posted 3/12/2020]

  • He saved four lives.  To find out who this hero was, read the KWE's newest Airplane Crashes Topics page. [Posted 3/12/2020]

  • On June 23, 1953, a C113 transport disappeared into the sea, killing all seven persons onboard.  To learn more about this disappearance, read the KWE's newest Airplane Crashes Topics page. [Posted 3/11/2020]

  • Six Panther jet pilots lost their lives due to navigational instrument failure on September 10, 1952 near Pohang.  To read about this tragedy and the fatalities, read the KWE's newest Airplane Crashes Topics page. [Posted 3/08/2020]

  • On June 3, 1951, two C-119Bs collided three miles from Inje.  All ten personnel on the two aircrafts died.  To read more about the collision and the fatalities, read the KWE's newest Airplane Crashes Topics page. [Posted 3/07/2020]

  • Top Korean War flying ace Joseph Christopher McConnell Jr. lost his life during a test flight of a new F-86H on August 25, 1954.  Information about the crash is now posted on the KWE. [Posted 2/25/2020]

  • Nine Navy personnel lost their lives in the crash of a PB4Y-2 on Atada-Shima island near Japan on July 27, 1951.  To learn more about this explosion and crash, read the newest Airplane Crash topics page of the KWE. [Posted 2/23/2020]

  • The four-man crew of a C-46D died as the result of an airplane crash during winter maneuvers at Camp Drum, New York on February 10, 1952.  To learn about this fatal crash, read the KWE's newest Airplane Crash topics page. [Posted 2/21/2020]

  • The Greek Expeditionary Forces had 610 injured and 186 fatalities in the Korean War.  To learn more about their participation in the Korean War, visit the KWE's newest Topics page: Greek Participation in the Korean War. [Posted 2/19/2020]

  • The newest Topics page on the Korean War Educator opened early this morning with the addition of Post-war Defectors.  There were six deserters from duty on the DMZ.  To learn about them, check out the new page. [Posted 2/17/2020]

  • Ace pilot George Andrew Davis Jr. lost his life in the crash of his F-86 Sabre jet near the Yalu River on February 10, 1952.  To read about Davis and the fatal air crash go to the KWE's newest addition to the Airplane Crash page. [Posted 2/11/2020]

  • On May 10, 1951, Lt. Col. William N. Hensley was killed in the crash of his Thunderbolt jet near Cleveland, Texas.  Information about the crash and Hensley can be found on the KWE's newest addition to the Airplane Crashes page. [Posted 2/11/2020]

  • It was a trap, but they didn't know it.  On November 29, 1952, a C47 owned by the CIA was shot down in Manchuria while attempting to remove a CIA operative from China.  The two crew members died in the crash, but the two CIA agents in the plane were taken prisoners of war and remained in captivity for years.  To learn more about this incident, read the KWE's newest Airplane Crash page, added tonight. [Posted 2/08/2020]

  • A Royal Hellenic Air Force C-47 crashed near Chinhae, South Korea on December 26, 1952, killing several American servicemen.  The names of some of the fatalities have not been located yet (four were Greek), but details about this crash were posted tonight in the hopes that a KWE reader will see it and add more information to honor the brave men who lost their lives in this fatal flight. [Posted 2/07/2020]

  • On December 1, 1952, a C47 crashed into the side of Mount San Gorgonio in southern California.  Thirteen servicemen died.  Due to difficult accessibility and terrible weather conditions, it took over a year to recover the bodies.  To learn more about this crash, see the KWE's newest Airplane Crash page. [Posted 2/6/2020]

  • Information about yet another C-47 crash, this one on December 10, 1952 near Wells and Elko, Nevada, is now posted on the KWE's Airplane Crashes Topics page.  Six servicemen were killed in the crash. [Posted 2/6/2929]

  • On January 3, 1953, a C-47 crashed near Raleigh, North Carolina, killing three.  Information about this crash was added to the KWE's Airplane Crashes Topics page today. [Posted 2/5/2020]

  • More details and names were added to the KWE's Topics - Airplane Crashes - F4U crashes page.  This page is still under heavy construction. [Posted 2/4/2020]


Officials of a past administration of the Korean War Veterans Association, Inc. telephoned the KWE's largest funding source to date to request that it not support the Korean War Educator.  (Korean War veterans everywhere should be outraged at the KWVA's maltreatment of the KWE.) Subsequent KWVA administrations have done nothing about this injustice.  As a result, that funding source is no longer available to the KWE.  Until the Korean War Educator receives another grant, your financial support is needed to help keep the Korean War Educator going. Please join as a member, because your dues money is what keeps this site going. You are always welcome to e-mail me at lynnita@thekwe.org or call me (217-253-4620 at home or 217-253-5171 Thursday-Saturday at my store) Illinois time if you have comments, concerns, questions, or suggestions. [Posted 2004]


As always, Korean War veterans and their families throughout the world are invited to participate in the educating of the general public about the Korean War by sending information, memoirs, photos, and more to the Korean War Educator. - Lynnita Jean Brown

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A Team Effort

The Korean War Educator is a team effort between Lynnita Brown of Tuscola, Illinois, as well as Korean War veterans and their families worldwide.  Lynnita is directly involved with the daily updates visitors see on the KWE.  All text appearing on the Korean War Educator is either generated by or routed through Lynnita.  Webmaster Jim Doppelhammer handles the technical aspects and makes improvements to the Korean War Educator website.  If you find a technical glitch anywhere on the site, be sure to contact Jim at webmaster@koreanwar-educator.org.  If you find text errors on the site or want to add material to it, be sure to contact Lynnita at lynnita@thekwe.org.  We'll see what we can do to fix them.  If our KWE visitors see typographical and/or grammatical mistakes, Lynnita encourages those who discover them to contact her.  There is no such thing as an error "too small" to be corrected.

Lynnita can be reached by phone at 217-253-5171 (her store) from 10 a.m. until 3 p.m. Thursday through Saturday (and generally on Monday-Wednesday from May to December, too--but not always!).  Her home phone number in Illinois is 217-253-4620 (she rises early and stays up late).  Feel free to reach Lynnita is at her home number if you can't catch her at her store.  If she is not home, your call will be picked up by an answering machine or her husband, Dale.  Please feel free to leave a message.  She will call you back--probably the same day or evening.  Her e-mail address is lynnita@thekwe.org.

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The Korean War Educator started to offer memberships at the end of September 2003. For the very first time, the Korean War Educator was able to use the General Membership dues ($10.00 annually) to establish a general operating fund that has enabled Lynnita to pay for her monthly internet connection, as well as incidentals such as reams of copy paper, ink cartridges, postage, etc., without taking it from her own pocket. Not only that, the Korean War Educator established an Endowment Fund to keep the Foundation going long after those of us living today have passed on. With an initial deposit of $50.00 (one half of the cost of Life Membership dues going into the Endowment) that special reserve fund has now jumped to $2,135.53, thanks to the most recent donations to it from the KWE's new life members Tom Cearlock and Carl Galey of Illinois.  Our goal is to build up the principal in the account so that the annual interest will pay for each year's web hosting fees.  You can find the roster of Korean War Educator members on the KWE’s "Support" section at the top of all main pages. We are hoping that many more of our visitors will come aboard to help this great Korean War website become even greater. All funds go to support the Korean War Educator Foundation. No salary money is expended.  Most of the KWE's limited funds are expended for internet/website expenses and printer ink.

It would be great if some of our regular visitors would support this important website by sponsoring a year of hosting (or more).  Contact Lynnita at lynnita@thekwe.org about this possibility if you think you would like to sponsor a year's worth of KWE.  The list of website sponsors to date is listed on the Support page of the KWE..

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In Remembrance of Julian

It is with great sorrow that I inform Korean War veterans and our other site visitors about the death of Julian "Buck" Blagg, original webmaster of the Korean War Educator website and a fine Marine. He died of lung cancer at 6:00 a.m., Sunday, June 1, 2003, at the age of 66. Julian was my dear friend, and I miss him. He helped me give the world the Korean War Educator.

     - Lynnita Brown, Founder, KWE


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